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LED lamps from TDKK
Are usually build in such a way that they can replace the original incandescent and halogen bulb, without modification.

This however asks for an ingenious design, because a microscope is normally not suited to power a LED.
In most cases the controller inside the microscope, is build like a regulator that provides a variable tension.

To adjust the light intensity of a LED you need a variable current, so an inverter is needed........We have build one, in inside each TDKK LED.

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Electronic adaptation
Because the LED has it's own adaptation to the microscope's supply, do you not have to change anything to the original state of the microscope, only exchange the lamps. And even if you (for some reason) would place the halogen back, it would work like it used to in earlier days.

This adaptation however makes the LED somewhat more expensive than a regular LED lamp.... but the latter can't be adjusted in intensity with the microscope button.

There are some exeptions, sometimes the microscope supply is not willing to cooperate, in spite of all adaptations, or make the LED flicker, or cause a lot of losses in heat.

Alternative Control
In those cases it's useless to try and build more and more inside the LED, so we skip that and go for another less invasive solution.

TDKK has already a lot of seperate electronic products that can handle that job much easier. They often come in a seperate control box.

Next you see a few multi purpose LED models, in two pin sizes, the  G6,35 that can replace the (somewhat bigger)  12 volt  25, 30, 35 en 50 watt halogen lamps.
And the smaller G4 model that replaces 6 volt 10, 20 and 25 watt halogen lamps.

Depending on the application, is the electronic interior and emitter for such a LED lamp chosen, This is why we probably have to ask you some questions, like brand and model of the microscope and if you maybe use optical staining techniques. (send us some images)

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LED lamp to replace the halogenlamp in a Zeiss Axiolab
Some LED emitter types
We already have a fast number of LED models worked out, and this number is growing, so we're not able to put every model in the list, please check the list by clicking here
LED Products
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